Schedule 3

Different Location: Supreme Court of Georgia

1958 New York Convention: 60 and Still Modern
Welcome Addresses
New Trends and Challenges under New York Convention
Proliferation of Kompetenz-Kompetenz Principle
Georgian Practice on New York Convention
UNCITRAL New York Convention Guide
(by invitation only).

Country Presentation - Georgia
ICC Regional Experience
GIAC Insights

Arbitration as a Tool for Ensuring Favorable Business Environment
Why and When Business Chooses Arbitration
Dispute Resolution Standards Adopted by IFIs
Court vs. Arbitration vs. Mediation

Concept of Mediation
Mediation in Multinational Dispute cases: National and International perspective
International Guarantees for Enforcing the Mediated Settlements: Contract vs. Decision

Standard Approaches in Treaty-based Arbitration
New Trend in BIT Drafting
Protection in Conflict Zones

Preliminary and interim measures
Interim measures and sovereign regulatory power of state
Enforcement of the measures
Security for costs

ICC YAF and ICDR Y&I joint event: Tempering evidence in the era of technology

(subject to separate registration. Please see the registration note below)

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